With 100 billion neurons that receive, process and send thoughts and impulses throughout the body, the power of the brain is virtually limitless.
We’re helping create ways to tap into that power and harness it in amazing ways. And have some fun along the way.
“We built a headband that senses your brainwaves and lets you do stuff with your mind. Here, try it on.”

And you wouldn’t be alone. Tens of thousands of people have already experienced what your mind can do simply by slipping on the headband and letting your brain do the rest.

Lighting up Niagara Falls while seated in Vancouver. Shooting bolts of lightning at a watermelon while trying to make it explode. Playing a (harmless) replica of the very game that almost doomed the crew of the USS Enterprise.

InteraXon has taken users into worlds that were formerly only found in the realms of science fiction. But just how does our technology bridge the chasm that separates dreams from reality?

Today, the possibilities of Muse are remarkable.

We’ve already proven that working with Muse can help you do extraordinary things with your mind. The power is already within you – we simply want to unleash it to your full potential.

In the future, Muse could be used to help control music and entertainment devices, play games hands-free and even change the settings of your home environment – all with your mind.

It’s not an empty promise. Think of it as a heads-up.

The Beer Tap
Imagine a nice cold mug of beer. Now imagine how you could actually pour one for yourself simply by using the power of your brain.
Farfetched? Not in the world of Muse.

Wearing a Muse headband, you stand in front of the Beer Tap and concentrate as your brainwaves are transmitted to a computer and interpreted as ‘relaxed’ or ‘focused’. When these signals exceed a certain threshold, the beer spout opens. The result? Your thoughts are turned into a frosty serving of beer right before your eyes.

So, why beer?

The known history of beer dates back more than 7000 years. Developed independently throughout the world, it’s the beverage that’s been around during the times of the greatest and most influential thinkers known to mankind. And we like to think that a pint or two had something to do with the groundbreaking concepts and philosophies that have shaped the world. And besides, we’re Canadians. Society owes a lot to beer, so a thought-controlled Beer Tap is just our small way of giving back to this ignoble beverage that has shaped our way of life.

Immersive Experiences
Bright Ideas

For the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, InteraXon created Bright Ideas, an installation that allowed visitors to the Ontario House to use brainwaves to affect changes in live lightshows illuminating major Ontario landmarks in real time 3500 km away.

Thoughts turned into patterns that directed the lightshows on the CN Tower, Niagara Falls and the Parliament Buildings. Live video feeds from these sites were projected back to Ontario House, showing participants and onlookers the impact of their mind in real time.

Premier's Innovation Awards

InteraXon's demonstration included a musical concert without voices or traditional instruments – every sound created by brain sensing virtual instruments. Even Premier Dalton McGuinty couldn't resist a chance to try the technology.

In-Flight System

Envisioned as a luxury add-on for business and first-class passengers, this suite of four games demonstrated the unique possibility of brain sensing technology in an in-flight setting. Users interacted with the games by either concentrating or relaxing, and the system provided multi-sensory feedback to help them attain and maintain the desired brainstates.

Zen Bound 2

InteraXon partnered with Secret Exit to create a brain sensing version of the developer’s award winning Zen Bound 2 iPad game. The new application put brainwave technology in the palm of the consumer’s hand with a simple yet beautiful puzzle game.

InteraXon’s Zen Bound 2 engaged players in an immersive brain-responsive environment, asking them to wrap wooden sculptures with a length of rope. Players faced the challenge of covering the object using focus and concentration, and after each play, they received feedback about how their brain was performing in real time compared to previous sessions.

Responsive 3D TV

InteraXon presented the world's first brain sensing 3D experience in which the environment responded to changes in the user's brainstate. InteraXon was honoured to create this work with internationally renowned digital artist Alex McLeod, whose work has been displayed in galleries from New York to Sao Paolo to Barcelona, and who was featured on Kayne West’s blog in 2009.

Using 3D modeling techniques to create hyper-realistic virtual environments and paired with specially modified 3D glasses that were designed by InteraXon’s team, this experience offered viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a brainwave responsive world that opened the door to next generation games, mental trainers, and connected interactions.

Wrigley’s 5Gum Chew-Off

The 5Gum Stimulate Your Senses Chew-Off was an interactive, virtual race where users would chew gum to explode fruits through a system that translated chewing into power. The speed and intensity of the participant’s chewing was transmitted to a computer running the race, generating bolts of virtual lighting and floods of fruit juice to cause on-screen watermelons and sour apples to swell and explode.

Mental Acuity

People attending the Toronto launch of Halo 4 -- Microsoft’s popular first-person shooter video game -- also got a chance to try Mental Acuity, the latest brain sensing interface by InteraXon.

Visitors to the InteraXon booth at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto were provided with an EEG headset and asked to concentrate on a large screen where they could see an expanding and contracting orb of light colliding with a mass of stars. The more they focused, the greater the effect, and the higher their score.